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spn_au's Journal

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Supernatural AU Fanfiction
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Supernatural AU Fanfiction

This is a community for Supernatural Alternate Universe (AU) fan fiction to be posted and shared. An AU story takes canon events of a show or movie and alters them changing outcomes, story lines, back history or other facts then reinventing them. If you would like a more detailed description of what exactly an AU is and entails then please see the full description over at Wikipedia for more details.


1. When submitting a story please specify whether your fic is gen, het or slash, and list the pairings, if applicable.

2. Please be courteous! This community is meant to be a safe place for all fans of the series. All fans deserve to feel comfortable to share their works here no matter what pairing, kink or characters they like. Bashing of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you are found doing so you will be removed from the community without notice.

3. All Supernatural pairings are permitted. However, please do not submit stories that contain ONLY RPS pairings as there are other communities available for such fic. RPS fic that is permitted must contain at least one canon character in a pairing to be accepted. Examples of acceptable pairings would be: Jared/Dean, Sam/Jensen or Misha/Jo to list but a few.

4. Crossover fic is permitted in this community as long as the pairing contains at least one character from "Supernatural". Examples of acceptable pairings would be: Buffy/Dean, Elena/Jo or Sam/Fox Mulder to name but a few.

5. All posts must contain fic or links to fic. Please do not link to locked entries. If you include your fic in the body of a post please be sure to place it behind a LiveJournal cut tag.

6. When posting please use the form below. Fill out all applicable areas and feel free to add others.

7. Fanvids and artwork are permitted as long as they are of the AU variety, but please place larger graphics behind a LJ-cut.

8. Any fic or artwork posted to the community is the property of its creator. Any attempts to take another person's work and claim it as your own is considered plagiarism and will not be tolerated in this community.

9. Promoting of other communities is permitted as long as you first seek permission from the mod. If you are promoting a community please keep your graphics at a manageable size (400x300 is the maximum size allowable) anything larger should be placed behind a LJ cut.

10. If there is a tag available, please use it! If not, I will tag it later.

11. Most importantly have fun!

If you have any questions or concerns then please contact me at bluebirdstears@yahoo.com any time.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate then please comment here. Thank you!


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